Bake and sell cookies to provide groceries for low income families in Cali, Colombia through Casa San Jose, a charity foundation focused on the city’s most vulnerable people since 2010.

30% of Colombia’s economy is informal, meaning it depends on daily activities such as street sales and garbage recycling. These jobs provide just enough to cover basic daily needs in good times. Sadly, the need for help increased dramatically, as many in this underclass are struggling during the pandemic.

I’m sure you all have different ways of helping others, but if you have $5 to spare and want to try our delicious cookies, please consider contributing to our goal. Every cookie order has a direct impact on these hard-working families.

Our backpack drive campaign for vulnerable children in Cali, Colombia
113 backpacks + school supplies donated with your support.

HumanKIND Cookies

Casa San Jose started in 2010 as a center to welcome the city’s recyclers, an unrecognized and hard job in Cali that offers the lowest compensation. The center’s objective was to recognize the recyclers’ contribution, and acknowledge their needs by offering a safe space for food and access to healthcare

– Olga Maria de Chamat

100% of the proceeds will be donated to CASA SAN JOSE