Casa San Jose

Casa San Jose is part of Solidaridad en Marcha, a Foundation focused on the most vulnerable people in Cali, Colombia

10 years offering food, access to health care, elementary education, basic computer skills, training for elder care and faith formation through the work of volunteers

What They Do

Our Connection

My parents are from Colombia and although my brother and I were born in US, we feel very much Colombian too. All our family is in our country, and my aunts are very involved in social activities that have had tremendous impact over the years. I’ve seen first-hand the poverty endemic to an underclass of working poor there, and have a different perspective of the basic needs that aren’t fulfilled in third world countries.

It was my plan to go to Cali in July 18th, 2020 with 4 of my friends to volunteer and engage with the kids in Casa San Jose. Our plan had to be postponed but that didn’t prevent me from contributing prior to our trip.

As the need in Cali is staggering, my brother and I decided to sell our cookies and hopefully, reach out to more families in need.

Why You’ll Love Helping

  • The cookies are to die for but more importantly…
  • Recyclers are an example of Colombian workers that earn in a day just enough for their family’s daily food. There is no way for them to earn their living with the sheltering restrictions and Casa San Jose was also forced to close and stop providing food.
  • The Foundation works relentlessly to provide basic groceries to their low income families and to continue to support their elders. The donations go directly to the families nurtured by Casa San Jose as the Foundation has partnered with the city’s food bank and a company that safely delivers the groceries
  • Your $5 have direct impact on specific hard working families that need it the most

Let’s bring change together.