Vulnerable children in Colombia

So many children wander alone in Colombia’s streets. Barefoot, performing tricks at traffic lights, hoping for spare change. So many others have enough for one meal a day and walk more than an hour (each way) to school. I don’t know how many we can help, but 1 by 1, we will contribute to our #NObarefootchildren goal. We donated 70 pairs of new shoes in September 2021. How many more can we help together?

#NObarefootchildren GivingTuesday Campaign

We campaigned in October & November 2021 to sell our cookies and raise money to donate shoes to vulnerable children in Cali. We also wanted to give back to our Pleasanton community and initiated a shoe and clothing drive in our high schools.

We were able to donate 92 pairs of new shoes in Cali and collected lots of donations with our friends’ help.

Kaio and Kamila created their own shoe drive in another city and together, we donated over 150 pairs of shoes and gently used clothes to the American Cancer Society on December 8th


Dejando Huellas (“Leaving Footprints”)

Blessed with many cookie orders for Halloween and Thanksgiving, we could fund a new pair of shoes for fort-six children through “Dejando Huellas.” Stay tuned for videos!

Escuela de la Paz (School for Peace)

  • Thirty-six kids walk miles each day to attend school. We are beyond happy to be able to provide shoes for the children at Escuela de la Paz. Thank you for your cookie orders and generous donations!

Local shoe and clothing drive

  • Mateo and I started shoe and clothing drives in our respective high schools. The leadership teams in both schools, and the Foothill High school Spanish Club joined us decorating boxes, creating flyers and marketing our campaign. Our IG video inviting others to join GivingTuesday motivated Kaio and Kamila to start their own shoe drive in Moraga, CA. They received over 100 pairs of shoes!

Let’s bring change together.