Sweet Cases

Children in foster care are often given trash bags & -10 minutes to pack. Mateo and his friends want to replace trash bags with duffle bags.
3 boxes of HK🍪 funds a bag full of gifts for foster kids in our Tri-Valley area. The first 10 bags + gifts just arrived ❤️

We baked together your cookie orders to support this project, and delivered duffle bags full of surprises to Agape Foster Family Agency in San Ramon

The Diaper Project

A new & ambitious HK🍪 initiative jump-started with Mateo’s #starlingexcellenceaward.
Dozens of foster babies often get sick because they lack basic resources. Without consistent diaper changes, babies run the risk of infections, diaper rash and other significant health problems

HK🍪 sales in May and June 2022 funded sustainable diapers for Fundacion Chiquitines in Cali, Colombia

We baked together your cookie orders to support this project, and 12 families in Colombia joined us, personally delivering diapers to Chiquitines.


More than basic food

HK🍪 impact has been multiplied through Mateo’s #starlingaward. Chicken, eggs and meat are part of the special grocery bags delivered through Casa San Jose

Front-line Heroes

The last years, our healthcare providers have worked non stop under unprecedented circumstances. They would then come to their homes, and keep going.. taking care of their families, elders, etc.
We are in awe with their strength, resilience and passion for helping others.
@givingtuesdayspark started the #partnerinkindchallenge and gave us the opportunity to say THANK YOU!
We partnered with @elena_m594 in Mexico to show our appreciation to our local hospitals.
Our first batches of cookies were delivered in San Ramon through one big love of ours. Thank you @karimama2 for all you do ❤️

Front-line Heroes

Another #partnerinkindness day. We baked dozens of cookies and delivered them at our local hospital 👩‍⚕️😷🥰
Our front-line heroes never had the luxury to shelter in place or care for others six feet away.
Thank you @gabercrombie for all what you and your team have done for our community!! Thank you for allowing us to visit you today at Hacienda Surgery Center and for being the sweetest!

Multiplying funds

Our HK🍪 #matchforukraine raised $850 in March 2022. Thank you! 100% donated to @rescueorg

@rescueorg helps those under humanitarian crises survive, recover & rebuild. We matched our 🍪 sales with our #starlingcollective funds & donated 100% to @rescueorg.

Multiplying funds

Each family at Casa San Jose received chicken, meat and eggs in addition to their basic groceries in April. Your orders and a little help from my  #starlingcollective award made it possible ❤️🙌

Spreading Kindness

Edi works very hard cleaning houses in Pleasanton and nearby cities. She had a last minute surgery that impacted her income and on her first week back, was involved in a car accident. We used funds from my  #starlingcollective award to help her in April 2022 and to remind her that brighter days will come ❤️